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UK Affiliate Programs

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If you have built a webpage then you must be ready for a few ad's to make your site look that bit more Profesional. There are not to many UK affiliate companys that provide content for the uk market, i have checked out the affiliates and some can be quite useful, for example if you join UKaffiliates or win affiliate which are the two UK affiliate groups on this page, then the adverts they provide double up as page counters so when you check your account you can see how many times your page was viewed, and also if anyone clicked through your advert, both importent pieces of information. This of course saves putting other peoples counters and adverts on your website that you don't want. Also you will find that UKaffiliates provide Logos and Banners for some Thirty UK companys, as does the other main UK affiliate company win affiliate. The latest uk affiliate company that means business are - the UK's leading affiliate network. "their words" and Now Virgin "Join the Referral Programme " wants your Page views, Check them all out !
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