Books that Need to be Read

I have read hundreds of books over the years and only a few stand out enough to be called memorable, here are two books that I would call memorable and I recomend them to anyone with an interest in World history.

Archaeologists have found evidence that the British isles were inhabited over 250,000 years ago , and nearer to our modern times archaeological digs have shown people occupying Britain even through the last iceage.
So it is no great suprise to discover that Britain was part of an early chain of people who traded and mixed their cultures with each other. Britain was part of an ancient and very long trade route stretching all the way to asia and the indian sub continient, Britain supplied the majority of the tin that was used throughout the bronze age in ancient world history, of course this was not the only product traded.
Unfortunately the ancient world had a thing about writing information down, either it was blasphemous against their religion or the fear of information passing into the hands of rivals meant that any writing used was kept secret and known only to the holy orders. The ancient world would use an even older oral method of retaining and passing on their knowledge and wisdom, this is how the history of important matters was kept alive and passed down through the ages. This type of traditional oral recording is still practised by most stone age cultures alive today, but the most widely used oral method of learning is practised by muslems and Budha's in keeping their religions alive, and no one says that this method does not work or is corrupting of the message.

This was the method of recording ancient European knowledge that the Bards of Britain kept alive, this tradition of oral history and knowledge was kept alive until the english outlawed this method in an attempt to eliminate the British history, so it was secretly put down into writing, the Anglo Saxon Establishment later accused these writings of being fairy storys.

Robert Graves who himself was a Bard (or poet laureate - modern term:) Translates the meaning behind the muses of ancient britain and discover's the "truth" of Britains role in the ancient world.

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Order A.Gilbert-Alan Wilson-Barem Blackett The Holy Kingdom Softback version Today! Alan Wilson and Barem Blackett are both historians researching British History prior to the invasions of the anglo saxons, when they compared notes they discovered that they had both unearthed information that complemented their specialist research, in conjunction with Adrian Gilbert they assembled enough evidence to write a book confident that enough proof exist's to support their writings. This book splits open the traditional Anglo Saxon version of events of the invasions of Britain by gangs of Germanic pirates, and if true the Anglos and Saxons should hang their heads in shame.
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