The Blueprint Review - Ecliptic - "Play Loud"

Air Guitar 10 out of Ten
Head Banging 10 out of Ten
Stomping about 10 out of Ten
Passion 10 out of Ten
Attention keeping 10 out of Ten
Sit and listen 10 out of Ten
Quality of Songs 10 out of Ten
This latest offering from The Blueprint sees them continue their march to musical supremacy with some outstanding tracks.
The CD slips into 'Elements of refusal' a slow heavy tune that will have your ornaments shaking in their tiny boots, this then crashes into the vibrant sound that the blueprint established in their first EP 'Zero, Zero, One', but this time the lyrics are much stronger and with Karl weaving some silk with his vocals and some wonderful rythmic guitar riffs make this song one to remember, next up 'Hail of splinters' sees some hard driving rock with plenty of roars, then 'Sans Chorus' with a big sweeping sound that will catch you up and force you onto your feet as you attempt to stay with the pace suddenly the Band steps up a gear for 'International house of dirt' as they demonstrate their stance with a furious blast of charged metal , culminating in 'Scorched earth policy' a lamentable song that will have you reaching for the replay button.

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Press release:

The Blueprint

Vocals Karl Middleton

Guitar Matt Grundy

Guitar Will Grundy

Bass Mark Claydon

Drums Chriss Billam

In 2002 the fact that a band consisted of past and present members of earthtone9, Pitchshifter and Consumed was enough to spark some serious attention from the public and the media alike.But no-one expected the artistically expansive soundscape of their debut release, 'Zero, Zero, One'. Released through Copro records last year, it demonstrated a steely determination in the quintet to create organic, blistering emotive and intelligent rock music.

On June the 16 2003 the band will release their latest creation, an EP entitled Ecliptic.Following on from their 2002 debut Debut EP Zero zero one, it shows how the band have settled into their new collective and expanded upon the inventive strands of their handiwork.

Formed in 2000, the youthful quintet have concentrated on developing an individual sound that spans everything from nu-metal to prog rock! Their debut album, 'Routine Irregular' (Casket Records CSK009 May 6 2002), is an inspired and adventurous creation, embracing angular melody, twisted aggression and complex delivery in equal measure. It showcases a band quite clearly unafraid of circumnavigating the supposed confines of the nu-rock genre.

Produced by the ubiquitous Andy Sneap, Ecliptic has a fulsome and distinctly edgy sound. As Guitarist Matt Grundy explains, "We're really happy with the sound of this record, we got things to sound exactly as we'd imagined them when we were writing the songs."

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