Hedges Under Trees

There are many shrubs that can grow in shade or under trees but the more shade the slower they grow. One way is to choose more traditional garden hedge plants such as Ilex (Holly), Taxus (Yew), Buxus (Box) and Privet; if you go for a rounded shape and don't cut too hard they develop quite well under trees, one rule to remember is, the darker green the leaves then the more shade they can grow in. There are many books on shrubs that can tolerate shade one good book is by Stefan Buczacki and it gives a good range of herbaceous plants and shrubs as suggestions, some of which you may find quite surprising. Always prepare the planting spot well, if the position you are planting under trees have good sidelight then try something with many small leaves like Berberis, Lonicera nitida or Cotoneaster horizontalis. I found all grow well although rather slowly for the first two years until their roots are established.

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