I took these photos of small leaved Limes ( Tilia cordata ) on a wet winter day so its a bit grey i'm afraid. You can see the bulging sections on the branches looking like elbows, this is where the mistletoe has grown, the bulges are caused by the mistletoe interupting and holding back the flow of nutients at this point and only allowing enough nutrients/energy to pass to keep the branch and foliage alive, resulting in very minimal growth on the tree extremities. This action caused by the mistletoe was made use off by neolithic farmers who would deposit Mistletoe on their apple Trees in the required position and use the Mistletoe to prevent the Trees from getting too big, this way the Mistletoe would act similar to modern Pruning methods forcing the tree to produce many more fruiting spurs than it would normally. Ancient Druids attributed special powers to apples grown on Trees that supported Mistletoe and modern scientists have discovered that Mistletoe imparts some very rare and previously unknown chemicals into the Tree at different parts of the year. Because Mistletoe is evergreen it has to support itself during winter months when the Tree goes dormant, so all in all perhaps Mistletoe deserves it's legendary status.