The magna carta yew can be found at the bottom of magna carta lane close to the river thames in wraysbury. The tree has been associated with king john and the magna carta ever since the tree was dated, nearby are the foundations and one wall of an old monestry.
As the photos show the tree has been lifted recently (these photos taken on a wet day march 1999) to allow acess for the public to see, the tree was 'rediscovered' only about 96'97.
The tree is hollow but you can see the typical yew growth rebuilding the outside walls to give the appearance of a stockade. Although the tree has rotted hollow many new stems have grown up from the floor of the hollow yew to appear out the top of the yew , photo no.4 was taken by me looking down the hollow tree and you can see the contorted new stems growing up the inner tree, they go on up to produce the new top crown, you can see the effect from the first photo as there appears to be two layers to the tree, the old growth spreading sideways from the tree and the newer more vigorous growth reaching skyward. The tree seems in good health considering the butchers from English heritage have been using a chain saw on it. Around the tree the floor is carpeted with snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis). The tree was in flower while i was there, my small knowledge tells me that it is a female tree (hmmm) you can see this in photo no.5.