Natural is best

One thing that I have learned over the years is that nature has been there, done that and then moved on. So there have been checks and counter balances built into the worlds ecosystem over many years and they all work, or at least they do until something intereferes by eliminating a species then it starts going to pot. So if your garden plants are being infested with aphids then it's because you haven't got enough natural predators about, also remember plants are used to the rest of the world living off their backs, so they can compensate by growing more foliage than they need to survive, this way other life forms can survive without threatening the plants own survival. So don't spray!!!! One thing that makes me laugh is when I hear Meat eaters scornfully laughing at Vegatarians and their philosophy, meat eaters arrogantly believe that to survive we must all kill and their most stupid argument is that Vegatarians kill and eat plants. What they don't seem to realize is that plants have, over the last 350 million years, devised their own way of surviving and that is to actively persuade animals to protect them until they have procreated and fruited, the fruits being the method by which these same animals are encouraged to eat and so disperse their seeds thus ensuring they are widely spread thereby ensuring that the plants survival rate is increased, so vegatarians are useful members of the worlds ecosystem, whilst meat eaters are the pillagers and destroyers of the sytem. POWER TO GAIA !!!!!!!!!!
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