President J. F. Kennedy was killed in Dallas, Texas by Lee Oswald. Many theories have been forward to why, but many UFOlogist believe that he knew about the alien presence, the recovered alien bodies and the secret bases. They suggest that he planned on making what he knew public and the secret organizations such as MJ12 had him assassinated to keep their secrets. The grassy knoll has become one of the biggest part of this event, who was there ?, did they fire the shot?. This event is one of the most shocking in the history of America. One of the greatest presidents killed, but by who? Oswald, or another secret group. 

He said he was going to expose area 51 and all the alien secrets. Would one of the secret organisations dare kill their own president to keep their secrets from the public?. Many UFO researchers would say yes, they have killed other people why not Kennedy?. Well to kill your own president is, well unheard of. It very rarely happens anywhere on Earth unless the president has, well been extremely bad. John F. Kennedy was not a bad president, he was in fact a much loved president. 

I have talked about Kennedy uncovering alien secrets. Well it is also possible that he planed to uncover secret aircraft. It is reasonably well known that the American government were building new aircraft which they did not want any potential enemies knowing about, which is understandable. Until recently the stealth bomber was secret and nobody knew about it. Aurora is believed to be another of their secret planes. Very little is known about it due to people in MJ12. Kennedy planned on telling the public about these type of projects.

 Many websites cover this and you can find some of them at the following links. - Looks into the subject well. Explores some theories and talks about the medical evidence, the grassy knoll etc. - J F K info website. Lots of information about the event, check it out now. - A website with eyewitness accounts. Good site so go and have a look.


 I have included a small piece of footage showing President Kennedy as he was murdered. The quality of the picture is not great but you can still see what's going on If you are really interested. Check out the clip here

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