Plant Tonic For The Health of Your Woody Plants

I prepare my tree tonic by burning all my wood pruning's at a high temperature so that I end up with a fine white ash, this contains all the minerals in the right proportions that go to make up woody material. I also powder the small amounts of charcoal and add to complete the "tonic". I use this mix on all trees that are showing signs of ill health or stress and the result could almost be called miraculous. I use one cupped handful of ash to 5 litres of water, and water the tree or shrub with this mix at the first opportunity.(if the weather has been dry I give the tree a good soak first)

This is a more balanced mix than any bag of chemicals that you can buy and is a lot kinder to the environment. I never burn timber that has been treated or use any other materials. It takes time for the plants to absorb the minerals from the ash tonic and you may have to wait until the next growing season to see a positive result, this is because the leaf buds are grown in one year to come out in the following spring. But the minerals will be absorbed by the roots and used in strengthening the plants health in the season and year that you water in the ash tonic. Do not over do the ash tonic as to much could change the PH of the soil enough to affect your plants symbiosis partnership with the Mycelium fungus.

1. This is the methodology I used to stop Honey Fungus in its tracks and to prevent any further Honey Fungus attacks

2. This is a list of poor gardening practices that encourage Honey fungus to attack your plants.


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