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 Heavy Metal and Punk Rock Radio
The Rockbox Radioclick to listen

This radio station plays new and exciting heavy metal and punk Rock music with bands from all over the British Isles, we have bands from London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin and Cardiff as well as preston, leeds, southampton, oxford, reading, guildford and so on ....
Our New Rock Interviews Section is up!, Check out our Interview with 'The Wild Roses' HERE!

New On the Radio: Torsohorse have a new single due out on the 25th April 'The Angel you'll never be', plus 'This Is Menace' has fallen into our hands, this is the latest ( and perhaps greatest ) 'collabaration' Metal band with the Core members being Mark Clayden & Jason Bowlds from Pitchshifter with mates and guests filling in on vocals and instruments, we are playing 3 tracks from the Album 'No End In Site' that feature Justin Hill and Mikee Goodman from Sikth and one song featuring Casey Chaos from Carcass all on our 'Heavy Rock' Station, Progressive Metal Band, Humanity ( Review ) have been added to the 'Heavy Metal' playlist along with Seasons End, both bands due at this years Bloodstock - Prog Rock - Miocene are launching their Debut album and you can hear this prog metal band on our Progressive Rock station...of course, - Rockbox - Bleed the Ink and pacific both have two cracking tracks added to the playlist, plus Iodine have been added with an excellant demo track, and an EP due to be released, we have also got some stomping rock from Boned with their debut album 'Up at the crack' review'', also tracks from the blinding debut album 'Unspoken Dialect' from Hondo Maclean plus tracks from Johnny panic 'Burn your youth' and 'Your a fool' EP'S, also Heavy water have a great new EP in the pipeline which has been added to this months playlist, plus a new single from Locus of control ' Bromide', and some tracks from their great debut album 'A bloody war or a sickly season' ( review )and some absolutly scorching tracks from 'The Wild Roses' ( review ), we also have the follow up single from 'Glisten'.

December: - Roman Jugg and his Debut solo album 'Papa Loco' (ex Damned), H&M with tracks from their classic underground album 'Pest', some great modern punk from 'Bits of Kids', and some excellant preview tracks from the Debut Locus of Control album due out in late Jan 2005, plus Old Basford with a soulful blues rock track to set you up for xmas afters!, Twin zero with their leading edge rock and a new fresh sound from 'The seventh leval' then we have Che with tracks from their recent EP from ElevenSeven records, Glisten and their Millionaire plus Entanglement plus 'This burning oppression' and their latest great track

Coerce with tracks from their latest EP 'Thailand dreams' plus some excellant tracks from Nothing who have managed to capture that unique sound that Joy division promised so much with

Earthtone9 and a scintillating remix of their limited edition EP 'hi point', plus Intense, Deadpad, Cellspan, Enemy unknown and Inferno these boys are HEAVY and go straight into our Heavy grooves show 9pm, then we have the 'Classic' rock of Raising Sand and Freak-1-C with tracks from their debut Album 'Swimming with the big fish' these two bands go straight into our Classic rock show - 11am - 1pm, plus Days in December and GU Medicine

June - Vero and Thousand points of hate have been added to the heavy rock playlist, ( see schedules above ) also 5th Man down with several tracks from their long awaited album, plus the new single from Locus control - Repertition, also tracks from Blackened , Desert monkey , Brenda// , Pilfa , The Exorsisters and Torsohorse and of course the Imperial vipers and the recently reformed Black rose

Djevara with a cracking EP 'God is White' and we are playing all four tracks, then we have Rateofdepress with their Debut album ' Bleach the Sky ' continuing the Ironic Titles feel, but both bands have something to say so check 'em out by listening to Rockbox, also Cape with their excellant debut EP '100% Rockstar'

April - Pretendgirlfriend with two great tracks, and Seventimesnothing with a great track 'Leach' , plus new tracks from Nivola + Violet high who have returned with tracks from their excellant new six track EP, another band that we first played a year ago, Holmes, and we are playing a scorching track 'wrong is right' from their latest EP
March - Tracks from 'The Paul Rose' Band playing some brilliant 'electric' blues, also from Scotland, Stone cold rumour with several tracks and the Battalion of flies with their great debut album 'Blue Lips cold kiss, plus tracks from Vert, Jebo and Super massive object, and new tracks from - When gravity fails, Primary evasion, Bleached and White buffalo, all with new releases in march
Feb - Darkstone, Hollywood ending, Cyrus, Bleached and Sakurai, plus the hottest 'Head' band at the moment, Hedroom and tracks from their self styled Album 'Hedroom'. also tracks from - Season, When Gravity Falls and One unique signal with coins and cards
Kicking the new year of with tracks from Panic Cell and their forth coming debut Album 'Bitter part of me', Plus the Concept Album from Gore ' Gone Fishing ' from the land of Goruguay, also tracks from Old Basford plus new tracks from White Leech and their recently recorded EP 'Surrender', Coma Kai have also finished a great new EP 'between one and six zeros' and we are playing an excellant track from this EP (also on oldboys heavy rock radio station), PLUS: Dead Red Sea and their 7" single 'Gone', Chamberlain 'Magnetic 62nd' from their latest album '5 year diary', flyswatter 'save your heart' and Hunter Gatherer with 'Never trust anyone again' and Tws with 'speed of sound' all distributed by Engineer records with Copro records taken care of Panic cell or direct from the Panic cell website, and of course more tracks from the Household name records stable with Five Knuckle, Adequate7, Anti Maniax, John Holes, Da Skywalkers and One fine day all adding to our playlist for January.


Holmes with a new track from their four track EP 'The Defensive position', as well as lots of new bands with Heckler from Newbury, Rattlesnake Remedy ( Like the darkness but with bigger B...ks), Alternate metalheads Son of the mourning, two nu metallers This Burning oppression, Primary Evasion, with plenty of rock coming from Phluid, honeyman, we love u, nurotica, Sea Change, Starsuckers, Tourniquet and Bleached with 'Erase'. Also we have introduced our xmas songs again, we have a new one from the mojo Gurus (usa) as well as Poison whiskey's punked up 'White xmas' --

Tracks from Fony and their new album Circles, also tracks from the Debut albums of, Biomechanical ' Eight moons ' , Walrus ' The time is now ' , and Cubic Space Division ' cubic space division ' , plus previewing tracks from the New ' Forever Until October ' Album that was released on October 6th.

August More new bands this month with dlysi ( drive like you stole it ), Orca, Panic cell, Merge, coemeg, Project morph, Severed state, Seachange and Snowwhite, also we are playing extra tracks from Anarchaos and Joski two bands who have caught our eye, plus great tracks from Phinius Gage and Pitchblend
June: Lots of New bands and tracks on Rockbox Radio this month, we have just added the Underclass a blistering rock band from Scotland plus Skirmish with four of their great tracks as well as Uncle Brian and appease plus some excellant nu metal tracks from Sone, Fallen to with their outstanding EP ' Which side of the line ' has a massive package of six tracks and two videos due for release on July 14th, also The Blueprint who have a new EP out on the 16th of June titled Ecliptic, Zero Cipher who have a new CD out on the 2nd of June ' 45 minutes of fairytale endings ' and we are previewing many of the tracks, plus Little explorer, Annalise, Mojo Guru's (Guest American rock band), Aurelius, Equinox, Stone UK, End it on this, Rudedog (new track), The Bearded Lady, Tourniquet UK .
May: - Heavy metal Band Phoenix Butterfly have an EP due for release on the 9th of June and have been added to the playlist, we have also added Nivola and 3 of their excellant tracks

April: - Imperial Vipers have a new EP out, and its so good we are playing them on Rockbox as well as Oldboys heavy metal radio station, plus Funeral for a friend and their second EP, four ways to scream your name , we are also playing Goatboy who have a new mini album out on the 19th May ' Dook of Oil ' and we are playing some great tracks from it, six new bands, Violet high, B.K.O.R and Odd boy, plus some new tracks by Descent, Kid conspiracy, Twelvepointhead, Stalefish1 and Fulc who have a new release ' Biting Insomnia ' out next month

March: Four excellant new unsigned bands have been added ,Violet high, Whiteleech, Critical patch and Nerve engine, Crowbar smile have a great new EP out 'Braindrain' which has been added to the playlist, Area 54 release their second LP CD on april 21, we will be playing tracks from this excellant cd from now untill then and beyond, also added are the Imperial vipers ( also playing on our heavy metal station along with Area 54 ) and of course nu metal band Stalefish1 who we sneaked in several weeks ago and forgot to tell anyone.
WARNING - Gore The NASTIEST, MOST RIDICULOUS, DEMENTEDEST,and indeed ONLY band to come out of GORUGUAY is ready to rip out your innards and eat them in front of your friends.. and vomit them before your family. Introducing.. GORE! Gore are played on Rockbox Radio

Jan: Three bands have Debut EP release's on the 24th February 2003, Steel Rules Die, Candycaine with their excellant Debut EP and Mendeed also with a release date on the 24th Feb, have all been added to the Rockbox rock radio playlist check out these great new rock releases. We are also playing the sampler from Ignition, nine bands with nine tracks, winter in June, Eden Maine, Elemae, xCanaanx, Rydell, Steal rules die, Chamberlain, Flyswatter and Thirty seconds to armageddon, also I must say thanks to Copro Records for their excellant sampler, many of their bands we play on Oldboys metal radio as well as Rockbox. The Exploited have been added to the playlist with their brilliant new cd release, Through The Red have some great music out at the moment and we have added three of their tracks to the playlist, also Death by design have a excellent new CD out and we are playing several brilliant metal tracks from it, Kid conspiracy with 3 tracks and another track from Poison whiskey 'I am' coming from their 'Happy xmas' cd release, also several tracks from Project morf and their current cd 'far from sane' we have added several excellant tracks from FULC off their 'Fallen' cd.

Dec: Two Xmas songs have been added, one by the British metal band Poison Whiskey with a punked up version of 'white xmas' and guest US Punk band MAG and their own special xmas song, also two cracking tracks from RudeDog, some excellant new stuff from Crash Cartel, and Final conclusion with a track from their forthcoming EP (9th Dec) Lesson Learned, we also slipped in a great track by Pitchblend with a massive guitar Solo, they tell us that they are now gigging with two lead guitars so check them out as they gig through London, another cool band on the boil are Occupational hazard, which we have added to the playlist.

Nov: 4 Powerful tracks from Dilutral that will blast you from your seat plus an excellant band from Middlesbrough, Iridium with their self release EP and three great New metal tracks, also added this month are Snub and Buzzkill.
Oct - The Blueprint and their debut mini LP, zero-zero-one, listen out for them on Rockbox and Broadband on Oldboys Radio.

All Bands that get played on Rockbox radio have a link to their websites on our bands link page.

* Dumbsaint is an excellant heavy metal band with a singer who can SING, a guitarist that knows how to do solos and a drum/bass unit that keeps it thumping along, brilliant material - listen out for 'em, they are also in the recording studio with tons of new stuff, check em out! Read a review on Dumbsaint

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