The Mabinogion

The Mabinogion is an assembly of Welsh Stories that were taken from Two Ancient books called the 'Red Book of Hergest' and the earlier  book 'The White Book of Rhydderch' . They tell the stories of people in ancient British Celtic times, some of the stories have been placed from approx 500 BC.

I found this document HERE These Manuscripts were Translated by Lady Charlotte Guest, some doubt has recently been expressed by several historians to the accuracy of her translations.

1.Owain or The Lady of the Fountain 2.Peredur the Son of Evrawc
3.Geraint the Son of Erbin 4.Kilhwch and Olwen
5. The Dream of Rhonabwy 6. Pwyll Prince of Dyved
7.Branwen the Daughter of Llyr 8. Manawyddan the Son of Llyr
9. Math the Son of Mathonwy 10.The Dream of Maxen Wledig
11. The Story of Lludd and Llevelys 12.Taliesin(Celtic Shaman)

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