British Ancient History

I have learned that the Anglo Saxon Chronicles are incomplete because they were copied from other documents, and the Saxons would leave out their defeats in battle which left big chunks in the story.

 The British Chronicles written by Nennius and the Chronicles of  Gildas as well as the Welsh Chronicles by Bede are all much more accurate of the dark ages in British history as they were written several hundred years earlier then the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. There is also the ancient book of the Kings of Britain believed to cover the Cornish Kings of the bronze and early Iron age, you can also read the Magna Carta and much more. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicles 880AD Chronicle of St.Gildas  550AD
Nennius: The British Chronicles 830AD Historical British Documents
The Mabinogion: Welsh Writings 1600BC ? The Welsh Chronicles  St Bede 700AD
History of the kings of Britain   The History of the British People
Annales Cambriae complete document  445 - 930AD The latest Historical understandings

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