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For many years people have been looking for crop circles. Many people believed they are made by aliens trying to communicate with us. This is what almost everyone believed until in 1996 a group of people came forward admitting to creating many of the circles seen in the English countryside. I will admit that many look so complicated that it could be hard for us to believe that humans made them. Unfortunately it is true even though it is disappointing as it's about the only weird thing that goes on here in England. 

Over the years the crop circles have become more and more complex due to aeroplanes and helicopters we can now see what we are doing on the ground. It will also have something to do with experience and skill by the creators. At first Crop circles were just round circles with no pattern at all. It is only after they became known to the public did they become more extravagant. Any one can make a crop circle, all you need is a long piece of string tied to a stick in the centre of where your circle will be. Then you just hold the end of the string and walk round in a circle a few times. 

Many believers in crop circle say that they are aliens trying to communicate with us. These aliens can travel in ships at enormous speeds from planet to planet, speak English and know about human autonomy but can't use a phone?. So if they can't use a phone how about making themselves known to us?, or  broadcasting a message on our radio frequency's. I'm sorry but if aliens were trying to contact us they would not do it by destroying farmers crops and costing them money.

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