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What really crashed at Roswell?. Was it a UFO as most believe or was it something else. Was it indeed a crashed weather balloon as the army suggested or was it a secret military aircraft ?.  At the moment we believe that it was indeed a crashed weather balloon. As you may well know in the picture on the left is Major Jesse Marcel with the Roswell crash debris. As you can see the debris looks remarkably like that of a crashed Weather balloon and not as many people believe, a space craft.  Okay people say that the army originally said it was a UFO but changed there story later. It is possible that they to believed it was a UFO and after some tests found out it was not. This is where the second idea comes in.  Is this the wreckage of a secret military aircraft ?. This would explain why they originly said it was a UFO. To cover up the truth, but it was only when they realised how the public would react if they believed it was a UFO did they change their story.  The last idea I have is that it was indeed a crashed weather balloon and the public believed a rumour that went round. Is this what the people saw 50 years ago?, a crashed weather balloon !. Well the chances are we will never know so all we can do is keep our eyes out for any new information.

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