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One of the most legendary Events in UFO history is the Roswell crash. On the 2nd July 1947 an alien spacecraft is said to of crashed on Mac Brazel's ranch in Roswell New Mexico. On the night of the 'crash'  several eye witnesses reported seeing a brilliant, glowing object hurtling towards the ground. Later that evening what is thought to be an alien craft crashed into Mac Brazel's ranch and is said to have killed three of the crafts occupants. A fourth is said to of survived only to die in a military hospital later. The local newspaper printed the story with the heading RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region. However since the event the military have insisted that it had been a weather balloon which had crashed and not a flying saucer. The curious thing is that it was the military who originally announced that it had been an alien craft and not a UFOlogist. The statement was issued by General Roger Ramay. UFOlogist believe that the military took photos of General Jesse Marcel examining the wreckage to discourage people from believing that it was a space craft. It appears that he is holding a material with a sort of frame behind it. However Jesse Marcel did not believe that this was the original wreckage. Was the wreckage replaced with that of a weather balloon or was it really just, a weather balloon ?. We sent a letter to the American military asking about Jesse Marcel and in their reply they said that he did not exist and if he did he was never in the military. Well well well, is that the truth ?, of course not this is just another one of their lies to cover up the truth. 

The following text contains information from an eye witness who visited the crash site and also it tells us the order of events. Unfortunately we do not know who it was who wrote this or who the eye witness was.

 The debris field was 3/4 of a mile long and 300 feet wide. It was oriented in a northwest to southeast direction. There was a gouge in the northwest side of the debris field that was 500 feet long and 10 feet wide. The debris on the field mostly consisted of I-beams and parchment like, paper thin pieces of metal material. The material was very light in weight, a dull grey in colour, and most pieces were 6 to 7 inches in length. Some pieces that were thinner than paper could not be broken in half, cut or burned.
Mac Brazel collected several pieces of the debris and went back to his ranch. On July 6, Brazel went into Roswell to report what he had seen and to show a piece of the debris to sheriff Wilcox. The sheriff decided to call the local air base. During this time Frank Joyce called in from the local radio station to see if anything newsworthy was happening around town. Brazel gave him the information about what he had found. Major Jesse A. Marcel and a few other military personal arrived from the base only a few minutes after the sheriff had finished talking to the people at the base. Brazel and the military personal left and went back to the Ranch. The next morning (July 7) they went to the crash sight. The military retrieved some of the debris and returned to Roswell. On July 8, the military came back and sealed off the area, They took Brazel into custody. That same day they found a second crash sight two and 1/2 miles southeast of the first. Barney Barnett and 4 archaeologists had stumbled onto the new site a few minutes before the military had arrived. At the site was found a "pretty good sized metallic dull grey object" and 4 small alien bodies. They were 4 to 5 feet tall, with large pair shaped heads, small bodies and skinny arms and legs. They had two large eyes, no ears and no hair. Their skin was pinkish grey and leathery. They were wearing a one piece grey suit. The civilians were escorted out of the area when the military arrived.
Here is footage of an alien autopsy, could the alien be from Roswell? 


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