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Many people believe that these 'aliens' come from a star system called zeta reculiar. Anyway this all started when Betty and Barney Hill gave their famous report of being abducted. Betty claimed that one of her abductors spoke to here and told her that they came from this system.  Ever since then people have claimed that the grey aliens come from the zeta reculiar system.  Okay now people have claimed that there are more places that aliens come from. These people are either lying or they are gullible. We need to try and understand something, how do aliens learn to speak English ?. Now some people would say they have been listening to our radio and watching our TV. It is possible but how would they know what the words were and how could they talk to humans like they know English perfectly ?. Okay I can see I am stuck in a corner here, it is possible to find out how to speak English so never mind that. Many people have said they come from the future, is this possible?. Scientists would have a tough time proving that as impossible because we don't know if it will be possible in say a thousand years. But then if they did come from the future they would not be aliens they would be humans who look different from us. Okay now aliens must come in ships and ships that can travel at the speed of light are impossible to make. The type of energy needed to create these sorts of speeds would be phenomenal.   Now I know this page is empty and I am looking for the information and it will be up soon.



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