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Evidence Against aliens

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Scientists believe they may have discovered a message from someone out there. It has only ever been recorded once and since then thousands of people around the world have turned to the sky for messages from alien races.

Now you can help out in the search for aliens by joining SETI. All you have to do is visit their website by clicking on the banner above. Then you will need to download a screensaver. Before you think, oh screen savers are just there to use up my Ram for no good reason, stop. This screen saver is a program that when activated is sent information from the seti site for it to check. The information sent is  radio telescope data and it checks to see if any messages have been sent by anyone out there. You can watch it work and you can personally see if their is a message but you can't hear it before you get excited. Once your computer has gone through the information you are given, the program then collects another set downloaded from the seti site. Who knows, you may be the first person ever to make contact with an alien race!. Not only is this exciting to do but you are also helping out a scientific cause. Also if you want to you can donate money, become a  corporate sponsor or just link to their website. Check this site out NOW and discover a hidden alien message.  


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