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Encounters with UFO's and aliens are categorised into five groups. Below we will explain what each one is all about. 

Close Encounters of the first kind

When you see a UFO within about 150 yards you have had an encounter of the first kind. Most people don't even experience this so most of the time sightings further away are not UFO's but planes or balloons. If you have experienced one please report it at our report a sighting page. 

Close Encounters of the second kind

When you see a UFO in the sky or on the ground and it leaves evidence behind such as scorch marks on the ground or indents etc. then you have witnessed the second kind. These are quite rare and don't often happen. They have been cases of pranks which have had people believe it was real so be careful. If you have seen this and you believe in it thin please report it to us.

Close Encounters of the third kind

When you see a UFO with visible occupants inside you have experienced a close encounter of the third kind. If you have seen this then again, please report it too us and help us out.

Close Encounters of the fourth kind

Close Encounters of the fourth kind involve the person being unwillingly taken and experimented on inside the alien craft (Otherwise known as abduction). Many people find that if they have experienced this they do not want to talk about it in fear of being publicly ridiculed. The benefits of reporting it over the web mean no one can laugh at you and you can tell people who care without living in fear of the army or MIB etc. 

Close Encounters of the fifth kind

Close Encounters of the fifth kind are when there is direct communication between aliens and humans. This is the RAREST one of them all and very few people have experienced it. Again feel free to report it to us. 


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