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Welcome to the section of space travel. A lot of the information here is from Bob Lazar and he should get all the credit.

Now to travel in any form you need power and in these craft the power source is a reactor which uses element 115 as its fuel (Element 115 is not from Earth). In this reactor element 115 is used as a target and is bombarded with protons in a small, highly sophisticated particle accelerator. When a proton fuses into the nucleus of an atom of 115, it is transmuted and becomes an atom of element 116. Although we too can transmute elements here on earth, it is typically not done in this fashion, or at anywhere near this level of efficiency. Furthermore, we have yet to produce anything heavier than element 112.

The Reactor

As soon as each atom of 115 is transmuted into 116, it immediately decays and produces a radiation unlike that which we normally observe in nuclear decay. Each atom of element 116 decays and releases two antiprotons (anti-hydrogen), a form of antimatter. Antimatter can be produced in particle accelerators here on earth, but only in minute quantities and only stored for short periods of time. This element 115 is turned into small triangle shaped objects which can be carried onboard the craft. This element when put through the process of turning it into power, creates gravity.
The flux of antimatter particles produced in the reactor are channelled down an evacuated, tuned tube (which keeps it from contacting with the matter that surrounds it) and reacted with a gaseous matter target. This Total Annihilation reaction is the most efficient and energetic nuclear reaction there is. The more familiar nuclear reactions are Fission, producing energy from the splitting of atoms as used in nuclear reactors & atomic bombs, and Fusion, the fusing or combining of atoms (typically hydrogen nuclei) to release even more energy. Fusion is the reaction that powers the sun and other stars and is what gives hydrogen bombs their "punch". These two more common nuclear reactions are dwarfed by the power and efficiency of the annihilation reaction used in the alien reactor.
The reaction between the gaseous matter target and the antimatter particles produces a continuous release of tremendous amounts of heat. This heat is converted directly into electricity by the use of a thermionic Generator. The Thermionic generator used in this reactor is so efficient, that there is no detectable waste heat produced. This is an apparent violation of one of the basic laws of thermodynamics. Similar, but not nearly as efficient or powerful, thermionic generators are used as power sources in our satellites and space probes.
As amazing and efficient as all this seems, it is only secondary to the primary function of the reactor. The antiparticle flux emitted from the transmuting element 115 is not the only energy radiated during operation. This is the point at which the gravity A wave is first produced. The gravity wave emitted by the 115 reaction appears on the hemisphere of the reactor, propagating up the tuned wave guide in a fashion very similar to the way microwaves behave.
All of the actions and reactions inside the reactor are orchestrated perfectly like a tiny little ballet, and in this manner, the reactor provides an enormous amount of power used to amplify the gravity A wave so it can cause the requisite space/time distortion for space travel.

Maximum Distortion

Maximum distortion is what is used on the craft to make it invisible. This is why people viewing the craft in the sky see them disappear suddenly.
As the gravitational field from the amplifiers becomes more intense, the form of the space/time around the disc not only bends upward, but at maximum distortion, actually folds over into almost a heart shape around the top of the disc. This space/time distortion is taking place 360 degrees around the disc, creating a volume of distortion, so if you were looking at the disc from the top, the space/time distortion would be in the shape of a donut as it enclosed the disc. When the gravitational field around the disc is so intense that the space/time around the disc achieves maximum distortion, the disc can't be seen from any vantage point and, for all practical purposes, is invisible. All you would se would be the sky around it. At various angles prior to the disc achieving maximum distortion, the disc could be visible from one vantage point and not another. All you could see would be the environment around it. This is similar to being able to see stars that are behind the sun, due to the intense gravity of the sun bending the light path between the star and earth.

Processing Element 115

The raw element 115 was provided to the Americans in the form of discs. The scientists at S4 sent the element through Groom Lake to Los Alamos National Laboratory, to be milled for use in the reactor. Los Alamos was told it was a new form of armour. They simply followed orders, milled it as follows and sent it back to Groom Lake. It was during this process that some of the element turned up missing. As you'll see from the following pages, the milling process produces a tremendous amount of waste.
The next step was to have the discs fused together to from a cylinder.
The cylinder is then turned on a mill until it is a cone
The cone is then sliced to get the centre wedge which is used in the reactor. If you notice at the top of the wedge the shape means that it would have taken allot of time and waste to make this. It is designed to be put into the reactor in a tube.

Waves generated through a gravitational field. The prediction that an accelerating mass will radiate gravitational waves (and lose energy) comes from the general theory of relativity. Many attempts have been made to detect waves from space directly using large metal detectors. The theory suggests that a pulse of gravitational radiation (as from a supernova explosion or black hole) causes the detector to vibrate, and the disturbance is detected by a transducer. The interaction is very weak and extreme care is required to avoid external disturbances and the effects of thermal noise in the detecting system. So far, no accepted direct observations have been made. However, indirect evidence of gravitational waves has come from observations of a pulsar in a binary system with another star. We know that gravity bends or distorts space/time and light by virtue of the fact that we're able to see stars which we know should be blocked from our view by the sun. We've used radio and optical telescopes to map stars and other celestial bodies during the course of our yearly orbit around the sun, so we know where these celestial bodies should be. When the sun is between us and a star, many times we can still see the star as though it were in a different position. We know that gravity distorts time by virtue of the fact that if we take two devices which measure minute variations in time, and we keep one at sea level and take the other to a high altitude, when we re-compare them, they reflect different times. The difference in this passage of time is caused by the fact that a gravitational field weakens the further you get from the source, and of course in this instance, the source of the gravitational field is the earth. So the one device which was taken to the high altitude was exposed to a less powerful gravitational field than the device which we kept at sea level. One device used to make measurements like this is an atomic clock and the most recent atomic clock is supposed to not vary more than 1 second in every 1 million years. And, up until this point in time, great mass such as a star, planet, or moon was the only source of a discernible gravitational field that we were aware of. So, just as the gravitational field around great mass, such as a planet, distorts space and time, any gravitational field, whether naturally occurring or generated, distorts space and time in a similar manner. When a disc is near another source of gravity, like earth, the Gravity A-wave, which propagates outward from the disc, is phase shifted into the gravity B-wave, which propagates outward form the earth, thus creating lift. The craft then floats on the gravity field surrounding the earth like a ship on water. Note that this is not anti-gravity. It is "simply" taking natural gravity that exists within every atom, accessing it, amplifying it, and shooting it back at another natural form of gravity. Note also this is not generating gravity either. Everyone is searching for the concept of energy from nothing, or 0-point energy in an effort to "generate" gravity.

Deep space travel

To travel across space is relatively easy as long as you have a good means of transport but due to the distance between two places the length of the trip can go into years. To travel to our nearest star would take 4 years and that is if you are travelling at the speed of light. Many theories suggest that if you break the speed of light you would be breaking the speed of the universe. Nobody knows what would happen, people have suggested that you would enter an alternative universe or you would be time travelling. To shorten the length of the journey you must distort time and space. Bringing the point of origin and point of arrival together you have bent space and formed a passage between them. This is what a Worm hole is thought to be, a passage between two points that is shorter than the original path. If you do this a four year journey may turn into a half hour one. No one has ever seen a worm hole so we can only guess what it would look like. Is this what we would see from the outside ?



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