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Ahh UFO photos, the easiest thing to fake in the whole world. Thousands of photos of UFO's have turned out to be fakes. The UFO may be a balloon, a model or a computer created image, they are all easy to do. Although there is also the genuine mistakes when the photo may not be a fake but the person who took it genuinely believed it was a UFO. People mistake planes for UFO's, birds, balloons and sometimes even clouds. This photo has been proved to be a balloon although it may look like something else.

The thing is that 95% of photos taken are either fake or proven to be something else. It is very hard to tell if a Ufo photo is fake just by looking at it. In this picture the object is reflecting the sunlight. The balloon has been wrapped in silver foil to give it this effect.  


Most UFO photos that are taken at night are of Aircraft. The people who have taken the photo will usually swear blind that it was not an aircraft from Earth. Surprisingly they become stubborn and will refuse to believe that this was not a UFO. It appears that if someone believes they have seen a UFO they will be proud of it and boast about it. They like the fact that no one else has seen a UFO and will maybe start to exaggerate what actually happened. 


Unfortunately there are allot of tricksters out there. They will make you believe that you are seeing a UFO but it will just be a small hot air balloon or a balloon with a light inside it. Some people have phoned the police and wasted their time because off these tricks. 


Astronomical Events such as the northern lights, meteor showers or comets have been known to fool many people into believing they have seen a UFO. Comets have been the cause of mass UFO sightings. Many people will report seeing a UFO slowly move across the sky with a tail behind it. Also in an unfortunate case 20- 30 people killed themselves in a cult suicide, they did this because they believed there was UFO behind the shoemaker comet and their souls would go up to it when they died. 

Meteor showers can also cause people to believe they are viewing many UFOs in the sky. Well they are wrong. They are just small pieces of rock bouncing of the Earths atmosphere or burning up with atmospheric friction, that's it, nothing else too it.

Clouds have also been known to fool people into thinking they are UFO's. As you know the sun never goes it just goes out of view due to the Earth turning. Well if clouds are high enough they can still be lighted up by the sun. If you were to view these clouds at night when they stand out they will appear to be a glowing object. These clouds are called lenticular and tend to form in a round shape . Noctiluscent clouds also tend to form high up in the atmosphere and be made up of ice particles and debris. The ice particles reflect the sunlight causing the cloud to appear to glow. 

Ball lightning has also caused people to believe they are seeing UFO's. Ball lighting is very rare and Scientists are still not sure if it exists. They have been known to go inside houses and hit a wall and disappear. Could these be another thing that 'looks' like a UFO.



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