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Alien books, films and games nearly always contain aliens who hunt and kill humans for no reason. They are always made out to be evil and usually with better technology then us, take the classic war of the worlds for example. But what about the less advanced beings. The beings who live in the 'forests' of these worlds, who have not yet discovered fire or the 'wheel'. They possibly don't have hands to make fire or wheels such as birds. We can only imagine what an alien world would look like with weird plant life and strange beings roaming the land.  Is this the type of plant life we might see one day on a distance planet ?

What would the animals look like. Would they be the same as the ones on Earth or will they have scales and feathers, live on the land but stay under water for months on end ?. We can only dream of the type of animals and plant life that awaits us. 

Sceptic scientists believe that there are no aliens visiting Earth, they may be right but to believe there is no other life in the Universe is, well, stubborn. They are billions of stars which we can see and billions more we can't. Most of them could have planets round them and somewhere there must be life. There is a very good chance that there is even what we would call human beings out there, not from earth but have evolved in the same way we have. There may be planets with dinosaurs on them or there may be planets with intelligent beings capable of space travel. Planets with plant life that can cure cancer and aids. We can only hope that one day we will make contact and be able to use what we learn to benefit mankind. They may be races of aliens who already trade between planets, they may not come near Earth because it may be in a different part of the galaxy. There may even be different races living on different planets in an anti-universe . These are the things that the whole of the human race would love to do and the reason people join seti. To search for the first signal between different races. 

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