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For almost fifty years stories have persisted that a flying saucer, piloted by extra-terrestrial beings, crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Military reports at first confirmed, then denied this story, causing suspicions to be raised that more than a simple weather balloon, as claimed, had come down at a remote ranch in New Mexico.

Then in 1995 a businessman from England, Ray Santilli, announced to the world that while researching old film material for a music production, he had obtained military footage of an autopsy performed on one of the alien beings that had died in the crash at Roswell.

The film was incorporated into several documentaries broadcast on TV and sold on video. The footage, in grainy black and white, shows what appears to be two gloved and masked doctors doing an autopsy on an alien creature. The creature is similar in form to a human, but with six fingers and other minor anatomical differences. A third person can be seen observing the autopsy from behind a window. The entire procedure is not on film, reportedly because not all the reels filmed during the autopsy were obtained by Santilli.

According to Santilli he was looking for old film of an Elvis concert when he came in contact with a cameraman who had served in the United States military. The cameraman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Santilli that he had been stationed in Washington D.C. in 1947 when suddenly he was ordered to fly to Roswell, New Mexico. While at Roswell he filmed the clean-up of the crashed saucer and later recorded the autopsies of several aliens. Due to an administrative over site, not all of the autopsy film was collected from him. He had kept a few reels secret for almost fifty years and offered to sell these to Santilli for $100,000.

We have two small clips of the footage for you to look at. The first is about 1 minute long the other is about 20 seconds. Take a look for yourself and see what you think of it.

autopsy. mpeg


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