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Since 1969 we have been travelling outside of Earths atmosphere. We have sent men to the moon, probes to mars, Jupiter, and even as far as Pluto. They travel at hundreds of miles an hour and to us this is a great speed.  Now that we have been introduced to "aliens" we are lead to believe that these aliens create space craft that travel hundreds of times faster than our latest craft. If aliens were to travel to Earth using space craft it would take them 4.4 years travelling at the speed of light. Let me just remind you that at the speed light travels it could go round the world 18 times in one second. Many scientists believe it would be impossible to travel anywhere near the speed of light. Anyway if we say it is possible for now you have to think of this. How much power would you need to go this fast and how long would it take to build up that speed. At the moment we tend to get our probes to orbit the Earth a few times to build up speed before sending them off. Is this what the 'aliens' do ?. It could be possible but then, what type of fuel would you need?. Okay you have seen the space travel page before this but does element 115 really exist or is Bob Lazar making the whole thing up?.  Technically if you used, say a nuclear explosion to give you trust you could build up great speed but problems arise. First of all, the craft would have to be able to stay together travelling at these speeds. Secondly, space dust is extremely dangerous. Our space shuttles are easy targets. Okay well it's not so much space dust but, well a few years ago a space shuttle had it's windscreen cracked by a piece of paint that had come of the side. You may ask how?. Well when you are travelling at hundreds of miles an hour and you hit something, even something very small, you will suffer great damage. So you have to have a craft that is not harmed by these dangerous objects. Some UFOlogist have said that the craft are made out of a material that is like liquid in space. Is that possible?, I am afraid to say no. ( although fact can sometimes be stranger then fiction ) 

Okay so say that you have a craft that can do all these things. Would you spend 4 years of your life in a small craft going to a place you know you have to return from, spending another 4 years of your life travelling?. I know I wouldn't so would these aliens?. Well maybe they have longer life spans than us. Well it is still eight years wasted stuck in a small object with other people. Even though you may not want to you have to realise that it is very unlikely that aliens would do this. Especially if they are extremely intelligent. Why don't they send probes like we do?.
Some ufo'ologists claim that the 'little' grey men are bio Probes doing what our robot probes do, but in a more efficient way. Scientists on Earth are investigating designing insects to do particular types of work, by re-designing the insects DNA, the insects could be programed to protect crops from pests and then to harvest the crop and then carry the crop to a collection point. So imagine for example a wasps nest of designer wasps, they are territorial and patrol an area upto 100m in all directions of their manmade nest ( approx 2 hectres ) the nest is positioned in a wheat field and each day the wasps fly out and inspect each ear of wheat searching for prey, the wheat pests are quickly desposed of and form part of the wasps diet this continues throughout the growing seasons, when the individual ears of wheat ripen the wasps pluck each one of the stalk and fly with it to a collection point where it is deposited, this continues untill the whole field has been harvested. This is just one particular idea been investigated by various groups in the uk and us.

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